Advent Calendar - 13th December

Posted on December 13, 2022 by Sophie Jewett | 0 comments

Today you will discover our 65% Papua New Guinea moderately dark chocolate made using cocoa beans from a single-estate in the volcanic territory of Karkar in Kulkul. This remote area is located off the north-east coast of Papua New Guinea and is and only accessible by sea from Madang, the province's capital.

Karkar's fertile volcanic ground is exceptionally productive and the Kulkul Cocoa Plantation is nestled into the slopes of the volcano itself high above black sand beaches. Karkar cocoa is rich, full bodied and intensely flavoured with mild acidity, fresh fruit notes and a hint of smokiness. 

The main crops cultivated on Karkar are coconuts and cocoa. Farmers plant them together so the palms give shade to the smaller cocoa trees below them. Using traditional methods the beans are dried in small kilns, using heat from wood fires.

Are you able to detect any fruity or smoky tones?  



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