Advent Calendar - 3rd December

Posted on December 03, 2022 by Sophie Jewett | 0 comments

Today's chocolate treat is also made with cocoa from Uganda! This time we have created a 45% milk chocolate for you to enjoy.

To create this milk chocolate we combine the same cocoa beans with rich whole cream milk powder and Madagascan Bourbon Vanilla to give a rich caramel balance. Did you notice how these additional ingredients gives nutty, butter and biscuit & cream tones compared with the 65% Uganda Chocolate?

Do you prefer milk, white or dark chocolate? Perhaps you just love them all!  Did you know that Sophie, who founded York Cocoa House, actually prefers milk chocolate and set out to create a milk chocolate range for those who prefer a sweeter, creamier chocolate.

Milk Chocolate Lovers are invited to explore our Milk Chocolate Collection.



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