Advent Calendar - 4th December

Posted on December 04, 2022 by Sophie Jewett | 0 comments

Today, behind door number 4, discover our Classic Milk Elect Chocolate Truffle. 

For many chocolate lovers there is nothing quite like creamy, milk chocolate, it made York crafted British Chocolate stand out around the world. 

When Henry Isaac Rowntree first started making chocolate on Castlegate nearly 170 years ago he used fine cocoa beans to create a nutritious drink for the whole family and crafting Electories - sweetened, compounded cocoa to serve as medicines. Once renowned for its rich, high quality, Rowntree's Elect Cocoa became known around the world. Our Classic Collection of Chocolate Truffles is a tribute to one of the world's pioneering chocolate makers who has inspired our chocolate journey.

Our Classic Milk Chocolate Truffle is a celebration of our favourite creamy milk chocolate combined with a rich full cream to create a velvet chocolate ganache centre. 

You can enjoy our milk chocolate truffles as a box of 6* or as part of our Elect and Festive Truffle Collections. Browse our Chocolate Truffles and Caramels Collection here.

*subject to availability in-store and available to order.



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