2014 At York Cocoa House and getting out and around

Posted on January 17, 2016 by Sophie Jewett

2014 saw us put a major focus on creating all our own chocolates and celebrating our Yorkshire recipes that we founded the Cocoa House on. They went down a storm, especially with some of our international visitors that joined us as the Tour De France flew through York. 

York had a visit from the Liberal Democrat Party convention, Sophie cheekily sent them a message that "we looked forward to seeing the Deputy Prime Minister buying lots of souvenirs from York's shops", we didn't quite expect that following that tweet he would actually turn up, but he did! He got a lecture about just how important the chocolate industry was - of course!

We also managed to escape on a few adventures, particularly exciting was an escapade to Somerset House where we were invited to a very special Chocolate House hosted by Heston Blumenthal creating interesting things with chocolate - the Roast Been Mars Bar was certainly an experience! A trip to Downing Street, we were proud to be part of Small Business Saturday 100 and become a partner in the fabulous Chocolate Show!

It was definitely a busy year! To top it off we started working with some amazing businesses and were very excited to embark on the export side of our business!