A Chocolate Adventure at the Cocoa House

Join Us At the Cocoa House for a Chocolate Adventure

Join us at the Cocoa House so we can share our love of chocolate with your group, combined with a chocolate discovery around York. Your visit can be enjoyed in 3 components catering groups of up to 15 participants in each group: 

  • The Journey of a Cocoa Bean – join us in our Cocoa House Chocolate Café to learn about the journey of a cocoa bean discovering how we transform cocoa beans to become chocolate, learning how to make a traditional chocolate drink before making and enjoying our own very special recipe. 
  • The York Chocolate Mystery – take a chocolate trail around York discovering York’s chocolate heritage and putting the pieces of the puzzle together to learn more about how York became the centre of the world’s chocolate industry.
  • The Art of the Chocolatier – Join our chocolatiers in our workshop to learn how we transform chocolate into all the wonderful creations that we make in the Cocoa House. Participants will create their own chocolate that they can take home to show off, share or just enjoy!


We can cater for groups of up to 14 participants per group at the Cocoa House. Each group will take the chocolate adventure in rotation, each section lasting between 45mins – 1 hour. Larger groups can be accommodated at one of our partner venues across the city or in the evening once the Cocoa House is closed. 


Our Chocolate Adventure is available for School groups of up to 16 years of age from £9.50 per child, or for adult groups from £12.50 per person. 

Please be aware that on some days during our busy chocolate making period our educational chocolate group workshops may be held in our Chocolate Café or at other venues as there are times that we have to let our Chocolatiers get on with making chocolates. We do our best to ensure that any disturbance is kept to a minimum.

Download our full program of Educational Workshop opportunities here.

To Check availability and to make a booking please contact our team on 01904 675787 or E: chocolate@yorkcocoahouse.co.uk

Chocolate Making Set £350.00
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Chocolatiers Starter Set £55.00
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The Journey of a Cocoa Bean Exploration Box £40.00
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