Chocolate Lollipop

Our Chocolate Lollipops make gorgeous little treats for all types of chocolate lovers, you're never too old for a chocolate treat!

We have 5 different Chocolate Lollipops for you to choose from: 

  • Rocky Road Lollipop - Our 40% Milk Chocolate topped with marshmallows, strawberry, white & dark chocolate pearls (Contains: Milk, Wheat & Gelatin)
  • Raspberry & Rose Lollipop - Our 36% White Chocolate combined with rose oil, freeze dried raspberry pieces, painted with a raspberry chocolate heart. (Contains: Milk)
  • Chocolate Orange Lollipop - Our 40% Milk Chocolate blend flavoured with orange oil and decorated (Contains: Milk)
  • York Cocoa House Fruit & Nut - Our own blend of 63% dark chocolate with dried fruits and nuts (Contains: Nuts
  • York Cocoa House York Rose - Our own blend of 63% dark chocolate simply decorated with a golden York Rose (Contains: No allergen based ingredients

Our lollipops are best enjoyed within 6 months of delivery. 

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