York Cocoa Works Chocolate

Our Chocolate is crafted at York Cocoa Works, our Chocolate Manufactory in the centre of York using cocoa that we discover from around the world.

We invite you to discover how we roast the beans to reach the cocoa nib in the centre where we find the flavour and precious cocoa butter that allows our chocolate to melt in the mouth. We refine our cocoa with British sugar and milk to create a range of balanced and unique flavour combinations. 

Our Classic Collection draws on some of our favourite flavours, rich, chocolate, creamy, that we remember from our childhood that are ideal for making chocolate truffles, bars, cakes and desserts. While for our dark, unique and adventurous flavours we invite you to explore our Limited Edition Fine and Flavourful Chocolates.

Visit our Chocolate Manufactory at York Cocoa Works, see how our chocolate is made and explore our latest chocolate flavours.

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