Uganda Collection

Our Ugandan cocoa is farmed from the Rwenzori Mountains, situated close to the border with the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The Rwenzori Mountains are known locally as the Mountains of the Moon.

This equatorial region was formed by eras of volcanic activity, and the soil is extremely fertile. Providing dense cover on the hillsides, the forests around Bundibugyo support a hugely diverse habitat for native plants and animals.

The Rwenzori Mountain Range borders the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Virunga National Park. The Mountains are thought to be the birthplace of the Nile, the snow from the mountain tops runs through the cocoa farms below to flourish them with water - giving the cocoa a rich nuttiness, accompanied by fruity occasionally perfume tones.

Farmer Profile:

Number of Farmers: 27 | Men:Women - 19:8 | Average Age - 49 years old

The Farmer Process:

Drying - 6/7 days in raised beds within a greenhouse

Cocoa Flavour Profile:

Fresh fruit notes and well balanced florals

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