York Cocoa Works Origin Collection for wholesale

At York Cocoa Works we are excited to be able to have the opportunity to discover more about cocoa from a wide range of origins from around the world. From the native growing South American varieties, multiple Colombian origins as well as Central America, Solomon Islands, Africa and India. Each time we work with a cocoa we are discovering more about the communities that cultivate it, that uniquely handle the cocoa from cultivation of the plant, through to harvesting, fermenting, drying and establishing their route to market. Each cocoa is vastly different from the next, each with their own flavour and characteristics. 
When we first receive our cocoa we craft our initial development recipe, using 63% cocoa solids and 37% sugar. Each time you see a recipe made in this way you know that the only difference is the origin of the cocoa that we have used. We invite you to join us to discover more about these cocoas and how they have so many beautiful flavours to explore further. 

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