York Cocoa Works - Cocoa Origins

At York Cocoa Works we are delighted to share with you the whole of our chocolate making process from cocoa beans to chocolate bar, truffles, cakes and more. 
From originally two, there are now thousands of cocoa varieties cultivated around the globe. Our vision is to discover and celebrate the diversity of flavours that can be found from farm to producer to share with the customers who explore the chocolates we create. Our production process uses fine and flavourful cocoa from our trusted sourcing partners around the world to be combined with British ingredients to create our chocolate.
Our Origin Tasting collection explores the recipes and flavours that we use to create our chocolates. Discover more about the flavours in cocoa with our Tasting Collections, workshops and training. 
45% Uganda Milk Chocolate
45% Uganda Milk Chocolate £2.50 - Sold Out
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50% Milk Kerala, India Dark Chocolate
50% Milk Kerala, India Dark Chocolate from £2.75
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72% Uganda Dark Chocolate
72% Uganda Dark Chocolate from £2.75
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