York Gin Cocoa Edition

Combining the art & science of the distiller & the chocolate maker our York Gin Cocoa Chocolate has been crafted from the cocoa that remains after the York Gin has been drawn through the beans leaving behind gentle aromatics that create its unique flavour.

The Confectioners of York would expertly practice the extraction of essential essences of plants and herbs to craft their medicines. Apothecaries like Berry and Terry would use these essences to balance delicate flavours that would eventually become sugared to appease their more astringent flavours. Working with the fabulous gin makers at York Gin we've re-visited this ancient skill to extract the essences of some of the finest cocoa, unveiling the fruitiness that is captured in the fermentation process in the depths of Peru in our Gran Nativo Blanco beans. These beans have a beautiful sweetness and fruitiness like no other beans we've discovered so far, lending themselves perfectly to our first extraction experiment. 

In a complete full circle collaboration we've used the cocoa beans that have been drawn in the still to create our York Cocoa Gin chocolate, having deeply inhaled the full range of botanicals in the York Gin recipe they are left with vibrant floral aroma that has embedded into the beans. 


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