Our Ugandan cocoa comes from the Rwenzwori mountain range bordering the Democratic Republic of Congo. The region of Uganda known as the Mountains of the Moon where the snow capped mountains melt, flourishing the cocoa farms on the side of the mountain to give rise to the Nile. 

This cocoa is characterful of the Amelonado variety with aspects of the smaller Criollo mixed. This creates a combination of small and large beans that creates a mixture of nutty and citrus cocoa. When we roast the cocoa together we achieve a characterful, flavourful blend which provides us as chocolate makers with a rich cocoa flavour and depth with minimal bitterness. 

We create this 45% milk chocolate by blending the nutty tones of the cocoa with whole milk powder to accentuate the nutty tones of the cocoa, the sharp citrus notes are balanced by the milk to create a chocolate combination rich with a classic dark cocoa chocolate flavour with a hint of sharp citrus fruits. 

Ingredients: Ugandan Mountains of the Moon Cocoa, Sugar, Whole Milk Powder, Cocoa Butter, Rapeseed Lecithin, Vanilla

Suitable for vegetarians

Also available for Home Chocolate Making, Chocolatiers and Chefs

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