63% Kerala, India Dark Chocolate

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Our Indian cocoa comes from Kerala, grown in the Spice Garden region of India. These deep purple beans can be seen in the hues of the chocolate.

The purple beans have a nuttiness that when fermented create a gentle spicy aroma with sharp, dried fruitiness. When we roast the cocoa we achieve a characterful, dark cocoa with warm spices which provides us as chocolate makers with a strong cocoa flavour and and dark fruity depth. 

When made into chocolate we try to accentuate the warming spice, nutty tones to create a combination of sharp, rich cocoa flavours with a classic dark fruit chocolate flavour with a hint of warm, gingerbread like spices. 

Ingredients: Indian, Kerala Cocoa, Sugar, Cocoa Butter

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans

Also available for Home Chocolate Making, Chocolatiers and Chefs

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