80% Guatemalan Dark Chocolate

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Our Guetemalan 80% chocolate is made with cacao from Laguna Lachuá, a region around the lake where the Q'eqchi' Maya families cultivate, harvest and ferment the cacao to create these amazing beans. 

The region can boast some of the oldest traditions with cacao, taking care of the precious beans for that for generations have unveiled the wonders of the chocolate we now enjoy. These amazingly fine cacao beans are gentle, fragrant and so well looked after that we wanted to celebrate the full flavour of the cacao. 

The chocolate is rich, smooth with hints of coffee and citrus, with a balance that needs only a small amount of sugar. 

Ingredients: Guatemalan Cacao, Sugar, Cocoa Butter

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans

Also available for Home Chocolate Making, Chocolatiers and Chefs

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