Auraquita 40 Milk - Origin Collection

Try one of the first of our York Cocoa Works Origin Collection Chocolates hand made by our team at York Cocoa House. 

Our Origin Library Collection are all hand made to the same process in order to accentuate and identify the natural qualities of the cacao. 

Arauquita 40 is from premium beans from the Arauca region of Colombia on the Arauca river bordering Venezuela. We have sourced our cacao with our partners Cocoannect. The cacao is centrally fermented in order to ensure a high quality of fruity, floral cacao of the highest quality. The cacao is growing in popularity for premium chocolate makers. 

We've found the cocoa to have a distinctive, fruity, aroma after roasting that contributes a citrusy, nutty cocoa flavour to the chocolate. We've affectionately called this our Old Fashioned Cocoa as the cocoa when roasted has an orangey, zesty bitterness with a tone of alcohol flavour still present that transforms into a deep cocoa aroma upon roasting. When combined with the milk powder it creates a characterful milk chocolate, as some have said - it's fruit and nut without the fruit and nut! 

Please be aware we have a limited supply of this chocolate

Ingredients: Arauquita Cacao, Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Whole Milk Powder, Skimmed Milk Powder, Lecithin from Rape Seed

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