Chocolate Master Class Workshop Voucher

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Our Chocolate Master Classes cover a range of techniques to enable any chocolate lover to fully understand and master our favourite food. Many of today’s successful chocolatiers, started with a passion for learning and discovering chocolate. You don’t need expensive fancy equipment but you do need a passion for chocolate! 

There are 10 different classes in the Master Class Series that run every Saturday morning. Each class can be taken on their own or as a series in your own time. Classes are open to all ages and range from an Introduction to Chocolate Making to Baking Glamorous Chocolate Cakes to Chocolate Truffles and Pralines. Each class will teach you the skills and techniques you need to create gorgeous chocolate creations at home. You can book for a specific class using the calendar or choose an Open Choice Voucher and decide from the whole program at a later date.

    Workshop Bookings

    Master Class sessions are £55 per Adult and £28 per Child

    3 Master Class sessions or our 1 day Master Class Day £140 per Adult £75 per Child

    7 Master Class sessions or our 2 day Chocolate Making Master Class Weekend £340 per Adult £160 per Child

    Full program £500 per Adult £320 per Child

    • Receive as an E-Voucher from - from £55 per adult or £28 per child
    • Receive as a posted gift card - from £55 per adult or £28 per child (postage charges applicable)
    • Receive wrapped up in a gift box of 4 hand made chocolates - an additional £4.00
    • Send with an accompanying gift box of our Chocolate Making Apron and 1kg of our Classic 65% Dark Chocolate 
    Workshop Bookings

    Reservations for specific dates and times can be made using the Event Calendar. Upon purchasing a voucher you will be sent a voucher that can be given as a gift or used to book the Master Class Workshop of your choice.

    Redeem a pre-purchased voucher

    Please contact our team on to check availability and to confirm your reservation for the workshop of your choice.

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