Chocolate Tasting Voucher

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Chocolate Tasting Class - Thursdays 4pm - 5.30pm

Join our team of trained chocolate tasters at York Cocoa Works as we share with you the secrets of chocolate making, learning how to taste chocolate like an expert chocolate connoisseur.

In our Chocolate Tasting class we will share a range of chocolates made with different cocoas from around the world, as we share and explore the flavours that create the chocolate we love.

The chocolate making process is an evolving journey, from the variety of the cocoa, the soil in which it grows and the eco-system of the farms to the fermentation process carried out that develops the flavour that we explore once the beans reach us at the manufactory. As chocolate makers we develop flavour by roasting the cocoa beans, blending with other ingredients and refining to create a smooth finished chocolate that melts in the mouth.

Our journey with cocoa has allowed us to explore amazing flavours in cocoa from farms and communities from around the globe, some fruity, some floral, some nutty, some smoky, each creating a different chocolate experience for us to share and enjoy.

During this workshop

We will teach you how to explore the secrets of chocolate tasting, learning how to detect the flavours and qualities with all of your senses and start your own journey exploring the world of chocolate. Following the workshop you will be invited to choose a bar of your own favourite chocolate to take home and continue your journey as a chocolate connoisseur.