York Gin Cocoa Gran Nativo Edition 35g Chocolate Bar

Combining the art & science of the distiller & the chocolate maker our York Gin Cocoa collaboration has been crafted by the gin makers at York Gin by drawing the vapours through our Peruvian Gran Nativo cocoa. The process draws off all the fruitness and flavour that makes this cocoa so special.

What remains has been sent back to our Cocoa Works chocolate manufactory where the remaining gentle aromatics are toasted to create our York Gin Cocoa Gran Nativo chocolate. 

 Our Gin Cocoa Chocolate has been crafted at 65% Cocoa Solids and is available in our Tasting Squares box accompanied by our Gran Nativo 63% Chocolate all on its own or in our 35g Chocolate Bar. We'd also recommend our water based chocolate truffles with a generous splash of York Gin Cocoa edition gin. 

Ingredients: Gran Nativo Gin Distilled Cocoa Nibs, Sugar, Cocoa Butter 


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