Gran Nativo Blanco 63% Dark Chocolate - YCW Single Origin Collection

When translated, it's name means “Grand Native White” due to the fact that the elegant cocoa beans that make this chocolate are naturally white in colour. Hailing from the Piura region of Peru, a large fruit growing region (mangos in particular), these cocoa beans have adopted clean and juicy fruit flavours.

This chocolate has sharp citrus fruit flavours with notes akin to those of passion fruit and grapefruit. Due to these crisp flavours, the cocoa that produced this chocolate was also used in collaboration with York Gin to create our York Gin flavour 70% dark chocolate and the York Gin Cocoa products.

Ingredients: Gran Nativo Blanco Cocoa, Sugar, Cocoa Butter

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans

Many of our Single Origin chocolates are made using identical processes in order to showcase the varying natural qualities in each cacao variety.

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