Huila 55 - Origin Collection

Try one of the first of our York Cocoa Works Origin Collection Chocolates hand made by our team at York Cocoa House. 

Our Origin Library Collection are all hand made to the same process in order to accentuate and identify the natural qualities of the cacao. 

Huila 55 is from the Huila area of Colombia. We have sourced our cocoa with our partners Casa Luker. The growing area is of high altitude and with the Colombian Massif, part of the Andes having a dominant impact on the geography and soil. The area is also well known for coffee, a crop usually requiring a much higher altitude than cacao, in Huila the 2 crops share the same eco-systems. The high altitude and much lower humidity than Tumaco demand a longer fermentation period in order to slowly develop the acetic acids required for chocolate, the effect is a rich, minerally cocoa flavour with a bitterness that alludes to the presence of coffee.   

Ingredients: Huila Cocoa Nibs, Sugar, Cocoa Butter

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