Spectacular Chocolate Decorations - Chocolate Masterclass Program

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Chocolate has some wonderful properties once we understand them and how they want to behave we can make a whole range of chocolate spectacular chocolate effects, from chocolate run outs, modelling with chocolate, carving and painting. We’ll show you a number of different techniques that can allow you to play with chocolate and learn how to effectively handle and master this quite temperamental food. Each participant will make their own piece using a range of decorating techniques.

This workshop is part of our Chocolate Masterclass program, it can be enjoyed on its own or as part of a series of classes. Previous knowledge will not be necessary so it's a perfect introduction to the mechanics of working with chocolate, especially for any for any cake maker that wants to understand more about how chocolate works.

During the workshop you will:

  • Participants will learn how to professionally temper chocolate to be able to work with it
  • Learn basic chocolate modelling recipes to be able to work with chocolate in a number of ways
  • Learn a number of different chocolate handling techniques to create different artistic effects
  • Utilise these different skills to create a central and decorative piece using different chocolate handling techniques - many of our classes are seasonally themed so you can be as creative as you wish. 
  • You will beautifully wrap your cakes to take home and enjoy
  • Go home with recipes and your newly found chocolate knowledge            
    Join us on the following forthcoming dates: 
    Saturday's, 11.30am - 2.00pm
    2nd June 2018, 18th August 2018 and 27th October 2018
    • Receive as an E-Voucher from - from £52 per adult or £28 per child
    • Receive as a posted gift card - from £52 per adult or £28 per child (postage charges applicable)
    • Receive wrapped up in a gift box of 4 hand made chocolates - an additional £4.00
    Workshop Bookings

    Tickets purchased here can be redeemed on our Chocolate Master Class Series on Saturdays at 11.30am - 2.00pm and on Thursdays at 6.30pm, subject to availability.

    Reservations for specific dates and times can be made using the form below. Upon purchasing a voucher you will be sent a booking code which can be redeemed on this workshop or can be left open so you can select the Master Class Workshop of your choice.

    Redeem a pre-purchased voucher

    Please email our team at the Cocoa House at chocolate@yorkcocoahouse.co.uk with your voucher code and details of your chosen workshop date. Please note that in some instances our workshops might be fully booked, you will be offered another available alternative date, or if preferable an alternative workshop.


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