Tumaca 63 - Origin Collection

Try one of the first of our York Cocoa Works Origin Collection Chocolates hand made by our team at York Cocoa House. 

Our Origin Library Collection are all hand made to the same process in order to accentuate and identify the natural qualities of the cacao. 

Tumaca 63 is from the Tumaco area of Colombia. We have sourced our cacao with our partners Casa Luker. The area is vibrant port near the border with Ecuador, it is hoped that the region will benefit greatly from the newly found peace in Colombia. The cacao is grown at a very low altitude in a region of high humidity, challenges with land ownership in the region usually contribute to cacao from Tumaco being smaller in size as it is often harvested before fully ripe. The high humidity levels and demands for cacao mean a much shorter fermentation process is undertaken, this all contributes to a red berry, cherry like flavour in the chocolate that makes it a perfect accompaniment to fruit cake or sherry.   

Ingredients: Tumaco Cacao, Sugar, Cocoa Butter

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