York Cocoa House Signature Blend Hot Chocolate

Our Signature Blend Hot Chocolate is handmade here at York Cocoa House using fabulous chocolate ingredients, specially blended to create our recipe.

We were originally inspired by this classic recipe first document in 1644, this recipe continued to be made in this way for nearly 250 years until our obsession with eating chocolate removed the cocoa butter for other uses. 

Set a pot of water over a fire until it boils, then to every person that is drinking put an ounce of choc, with as much sugar into another pot; wherin you must put a pint of the said boiling water and theirin mingle the choc and the sugar with the instrument called el molinillo, until it be thoroughly incorporated; which done pour in as many pints of the said water as there be ounces of chocolate…the hotter it is drunk, the better it is, being cold it may do harm.
Antonio Colmenero de Ledesma 1644

Today we have done much of the work for you, so all you need is our Signature Blend Hot Chocolate and your choice of liquid - hot water as Ledesma made it, hot milk like Sir Hans Sloan, or maybe like Dr William Salmon who use Port and water or red wine to make his hot chocolate. 

Enjoy a single luxury portion of our Signature Blend Hot Chocolate, a packet to make 5 - 6 portions or our large packets to make 12 - 15 portions in your own home. 

Contains: no allergen based ingredients

Enjoy at its best up to 18 months from delivery. 

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