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Welcome to York Cocoa House

Cocoa Works Gift Hamper
Cocoa Works Gift Hamper £15.50
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Milk Chocolate Lovers Gift Set
Milk Chocolate Lovers Gift Set £22.50
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Dark Chocolate Connoisseurs Gift Set
Dark Chocolate Connoisseurs Gift Set £22.50
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Cocoa Works Gift Set
Cocoa Works Gift Set £28.50
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Welcome to York Cocoa House, a home for all chocolate lovers. 

We're passionate chocolate makers continually inspired by the magical transformation of cocoa to chocolate.

We're proud to be following in the footsteps of York's pioneering chocolate makers, crafting fine chocolate back in York.

Our Chocolate Manufactory is still hard at work with our Chocolate Emporium online and client services still fully available.

We look forward to being able to invite you to join us at York Cocoa Works, our Chocolate Manufactory where you can see, learn and taste our chocolate being made, join in our tasting tour, get hands on in our Cocoa Academy or sample our house Classic Hot Chocolates and creations. 

Join in our chocolate making journey in store, in your own home or online #AdventuresInChocolateMaking