Chocolate Master Class Series

Our Chocolate Master Class Series is a series of 15 courses that cover a whole range of techniques to enable any chocolate lover to fully master and understand how to work with our favourite food. This series of classes can be taken on their own as individual classes or you can complete the whole program in your own time.

Many of today's successful chocolatiers all started with a passion for chocolate in their own home. It's not about fancy equipment or ingredients, it's about learning the science behind it, learning from your mistakes and working with good ingredients.

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Tickets purchased here can be redeemed on our Master Class Workshops which run Thursday's at 6.30pm and on Saturdays at 11.30am - subject to availability. Select your chosen date from our Workshop Calendar to the right to see what workshops are taking place and when or click on the workshop links below for more information about each of our workshops and to book a ticket.

Workshop Bookings

Reservations for specific dates and times can be made using the Event Calendar. Upon purchasing a voucher you will be sent a booking code which can be redeemed on this workshop or can be left open so you can select the Taster Workshop of your choice.

Redeem a pre-purchased voucher

Please use the Event Calendar to pick the date and event of your choice to redeem your voucher for one of our Master Class Chocolate Workshops. Select the date and workshop you wish to join us on, click on "Enter promotional code" and use the voucher code that we have sent you to make your booking for the date and time of your choice.

  1. Introduction to Chocolate Making
  2. Chocolate Tempering Methods 
  3. Gorgeous Ganaches 
  4. Fancy Fondant Creams 
  5. Chocolate Caramels 
  6. Perfect Pralines 
  7. Chocolate Based Classic Confectionery 
  8. Show Stopping Chocolate Desserts 
  9. Glamorous Chocolate Cakes 
  10. Spectacular Chocolate Decorations 
  11. Baking with Chocolate 
  12. Mastering Chocolate Moulding 
  13. Savoury Chocolate 
  14. Chocolate Ice Cream 
  15. Chocolate Making from Cocoa Bean to Chocolate Bar
    Each Master Class can be enjoyed on its own, previous chocolate making knowledge or experience is not required for these workshops, however you can also enjoy them as part of a series of classes, building your chocolate knowledge at your own pace. Chocolate lovers of all ages are welcome.


    Masterclass sessions are £52 per Adult and £28 per Child

    3 Masterclass sessions £135 per Adult £75 per Child

    7 Masterclass sessions £300 per Adult £160 per Child

    Full program £625 per Adult £320 per Child