York Cocoa Works

Welcome to York Cocoa Works, our Chocolate Manufactory in the heart of York. 

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We are delighted to share with you the whole of our chocolate making process from cocoa beans to chocolate bar, truffles, cakes and more. 

Our production process uses fine and flavourful cocoa from our trusted sourcing partners around the world to be combined with British ingredients to create our chocolate.

Our education and training programs offer chocolate making classes and learning experiences from school groups to enthusiastic learners as well as industry professionals keen to learn more about cocoa and chocolate. Drop by and create your own chocolate bar or join a workshop or our daily Chocolate Manufactory Tasting Tour to discover more.
Our Chocolate Manufactory is a fully equipped production, development and research facility, from finding cocoa, creating prototypes, providing third party manufacturing, recipe development and launching award winning creations and collaborations. We're proud to work with industry leaders, disruptors and innovators to share our chocolate knowledge, passion and facilities. 
Discover more about how you can be involved in our chocolate making journey, hands on, online and in store.

We look forward to welcoming you.