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At York Cocoa House we love everything chocolate - eating, making, cooking and sharing.

Discover York and the Chocolate City at York Cocoa HouseI started my journey being so fascinated by chocolate I set out to learn everything I could about it. The more I learned the more I wanted to share everything quite enthusiastically. When we started chocolate making I was asked by many local schools to assist their chocolate work, our activities have grown and developed in response to requests from teachers and schools wanting to teach, share and learn using chocolate.

We have a very large chocolate library at the Cocoa House that can assist with your own research and chocolate classes that we can certainly recommend. We also have access to a whole host of equipment and materials that you can use in your classes, either by working with us to deliver a workshop or assembly or to use this workshop to deliver your own chocolate lessons.

Our vision is to ensure that York does not lose a rich heritage and identity that created and lead a world class industry. It’s important to us that the character of the city is not lost, that it is shared and that it continues to be recognized for the contribution that it continues to make today, be that in the creation of chocolate, the invention of chocolate products, the application of innovative technologies or in the social conscience that created a fairer work place.

We offer the following types of Educational packages:

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I look forward to sharing our love of chocolate with you, if there’s any way we can assist please do ask.

Best wishes,