We have been delivering chocolate workshops in schools for over 10 years, with a whole range of chocolate knowledge to share, we have shaped this into a range of activities that we offer at the Cocoa Works for visitors of all ages, or in our educational workshops where we are able to join you in the classroom.

Our workshop has 3 key components to it: The Journey of a Cocoa Bean, Becoming a Chocolate Maker and the Art of the Chocolatier.

The Journey of a Cocoa Bean - from Cocoa to Chocolate

The Journey of a Cocoa Bean explores the origins of cocoa, it’s celebration by the Mayans and Aztec people and discovery by the early Conquistadors. We explore how the cocoa bean was once used as a currency before being made into a sacred drink and eventually brought back to Europe to be adapted to resemble the product we think of today. During this workshop participants are introduced to cacao beans themselves, they are encouraged to smell, look and taste the beans as we explore the physical transformation that evolved over 2000 years of consumption from raw cacao beans, roasted cocoa nibs, cocoa mass to dark chocolate and eventually milk chocolate.

Duration: 30 minutes – 45 minutes

Accommodates: up to 30 students at a time

Cost: £180 plus VAT per assembly

The Art of the Chocolatier

The Art of the Chocolatier explores the tempering process required to work with chocolate that is undertaken by chocolatiers. We explore chocolate with all of our senses to understand the impact these senses have on our consumption. The workshop looks specifically at the changing states of chocolate required when tempering to be able to appropriately work with chocolate. As a group we will take the chocolate through the tempering process, looking at crystal behaviour and encouraging understanding of the heating and cooling process on the changing states of materials. Participants are invited to use the chocolate to create their own chocolate item that can be decorated how they choose that they can wrap up and take home.

Duration 45 minutes

Accommodates – up to 40 students at a time

Cost: £3 plus VAT per participant (min 20 participants)

Please note that additional costs may be applicable for travel and alternative group sizes.

Please contact our team on contact@yorkcocoahouse.co.uk to discuss Educational Workshops for your group or to discuss our virtual learning support.