Elect Dark Chocolate Truffles - Box of 6

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Discover our classic Elect Dark Chocolate Truffles handmade with our 65% Cameroon dark chocolate made with a smooth and velvety, fresh cream ganache centre.

When Henry Isaac Rowntree first started making chocolate on Castlegate nearly 170 years ago he used fine cocoa beans to create a nutritious drink for the whole family and crafting Electories - sweetened, compounded cocoa to serve as medicines. Once renowned for its richness and high quality, Rowntree's Elect Cocoa became known around the world. Our dark elect truffle is a tribute to the drinking chocolate Elect Cocoa which was considered much more than a drink - for many it was an essential food.

Cocoa Solids: 65%

Product Weight: Box of 6 chocolate truffles - 75g

Ingredients with allergens underlined:  65% Dark Cameroon Chocolate (Cocoa Nibs, Cocoa Butter, Sugar), Butter (Milk, Salt), Double Cream (Milk), Salt, Glucose, Inverted Sugar