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Our Chocolate Masterclass Series is a series of 6 classes that cover a whole range of techniques to enable any chocolate lover to explore, master and develop a deeper understanding of how to work with our favourite food. This series of classes can be taken on their own as individual classes or you can complete the whole program in your own time.

For those looking for a much deeper insight or for professional training we invite you to explore our Chocolate Manufactory Learning Program for intense learning and training.

Our Program

Tickets can be purchased for the Masterclass of your choice for your chosen date, alternatively purchase a gift voucher that can be redeemed on any of our Masterclass Workshops. To make a direct booking please visit our Education and Training Bookings Site at the link below to see the latest current schedule. 

    1. Introduction to Chocolate Making
    2. Chocolate Making from Cocoa Bean to Chocolate Bar
    3. Chocolate Tempering Methods 
    4. Gorgeous Ganaches & Chocolate Truffles 
    5. Caramels and Fondants
    6. Baking with Chocolate

Each Masterclass can be enjoyed on its own, previous chocolate making knowledge or experience is not required for these workshops. Chocolate lovers of all ages are welcome.

Master Class sessions are £55 per Adult and £35 per Child

  • Receive as an E-Voucher £55 per adult or £35 per child (this will be sent to you upon purchase with full redemption information)
  • Receive as a posted gift card - you will receive the e-voucher upon purchase with physical voucher to follow (a postage charge of £1 is applicable)
  • Receive wrapped up in a gift box of 6 hand made chocolates - an additional £6.00 - you will receive the e-voucher upon purchase with physical voucher to follow.

Visit our Reservations Site for our Education and Training Program using the following link to see our latest schedule of workshops and availability. 


Voucher Redemption

Upon purchasing your gift voucher you will be provided with a voucher to download or to be sent to you. Your voucher will contain full information as to how to redeem your place, alternatively please visit www.yorkcocoahouse/VoucherRedemption for full details and links to our current program.

Please be aware that at this time we are operating on reduced capacity which may affect availability, it might not always be possible to provide your preferred choice of dates.