Chocolate Tempering Masterclass

The science behind chocolate tempering can at times be overwhelming however it is an essential component to being able to master chocolate. We’ll be exploring the process and the different techniques that can be used to effectively temper chocolate. 

 This workshop is part of our Chocolate Master Class Series, it can be enjoyed on its own or as part of a series of classes. Previous knowledge will not be necessary so it's a perfect introduction to the mechanics of working with chocolate, especially for any cake maker that wants to understand more about how chocolate works.

During the workshop you will: 

Learn how to master 3 different tempering methods - slab tempering, seed tempering and our own hair dryer method. 

By the end of the workshop you will be able to recognise and correct bloom and crystallisation errors.  

You should be able to identify ways to effectively manage your environment to achieve perfectly tempered chocolate. 

You will make a variety of chocolate products, including bars, shells and crystallised couverture for you to take home and work with. 

You will beautifully wrap your creations to take home and enjoy 

Go home with recipes and your newly found chocolate knowledge.

What will you take away with you?  

 Each participant will take home approximately 300g of your own chocolate creations as well as the recipes to be able to make your own at home.

Masterclass Gift Voucher

Can be redeemed across any of our Masterclass workshops or seasonal program at York Cocoa Works

Forthcoming Dates.

Please see our live dates for more details. Planned dates for 2021: 

Sunday 10th January, Sunday 7th February, Sunday 7th March, Saturday 4th April, Sunday 2nd May, Sunday 6th June, Sunday 4th July, Sunday 1st August, Sunday 5th September, Sunday 3rd October, Sunday 31st October, Sunday 7th November, Sunday 5th December 2021

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Chocolate Master Class Program 

Our Chocolate Master Class Series covers a whole range of techniques to enable any chocolate lover to fully master and understand how to work with our favorite food. This series of classes can be taken on their own as individual classes or can be taken as your own series. Discover more about our Chocolate Master Class series here and indulge in the most valuable basics. 

Special Dietary Requirements: 

We can cater for gluten free, nut free and dairy free diets. If you have any requirements or allergies please let our team know prior to your visit so we can ensure you have suitable alternatives. Please contact our team on 01904 656731 or E: to discuss your requirements prior to your visit and we can ensure we can create the best chocolate enjoyment for you.