Advent Calendar - 5th December

Posted on December 05, 2022 by Sophie Jewett | 0 comments

Behind door number 5 is another chocolate treat from our 65% Moderately Dark Collection and today we are showcasing Nigerian cocoa, which we have directly sourced from our friends in the community Eti-Oni, South-West Nigeria.

Eti-Oni is the home of the oldest known cocoa plantation in Nigeria and the birth place of cocoa in South-West Nigeria. The ruler of the kingdom, His Royal Majesty, Oba Dokun Thompson, has embarked on a journey to change the lives and livelihoods of his subjects through exporting cocoa and forming alliances with chocolate makers, such as ourselves.

What flavour notes are you detecting today? Subtle spice? Buttery tones? It's interesting to note how the 65% chocolates from different countries vary. In fact there are many factors which affect the final flavour of chocolate. To learn more about how to taste chocolate, why not purchase our Guide to Chocolate Tasting Book or pop in and experience Chocolate Tasting in the surrounds of the factory on one our Chocolate Manufactory Tasting Journeys.



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