2015 At York Cocoa House - Chocolate Awards & Wogan

Posted on January 17, 2016 by Sophie Jewett

2015 feels a challenge to imagine topping! We had some notable and very proud achievements for the team winning the Deliciously Yorkshire award for Best Beverage for our Classic Hot Chocolate and Sophie - our Chocolate Lady won the Institute of Directors Young Entrepreneur of the Year. 

We had even more fun with the Chocolate Show and Small Business Saturday - with Sophie and Louise being invited to Downing Street and even sold a box of chocolates to the Chancellor! 

York welcomed it's own Chocolate Hotel - Hotel Indigo, we created them their own special giant chocolate Easter Egg, which was nearly big enough for Ellie to hide in. 

Our favourite program Saturday Kitchen came to visit to celebrate Chocolate Week, but sadly no James Martin! But by far the most exciting thing to happen was a visit from Sir Terry Wogan taking a foodie tour around Britain! We managed to teach him a thing about chocolate making, until he tried turning the molinillos into maracas! Sir Terry made a better chocolate taster than maker! 

As if the year couldn't have got more exciting, we were extraordinarily pleased to welcome the International Chocolate Awards to York. With so many amazing and inspirational chocolate makers working so hard to create the most gorgeous chocolates we have ever tasted, it was wonderful to welcome them to York to share with them the history that makes us love chocolate as much as we do. I'm not sure what you call a collective of chocolatiers, but for us it was definitely kindred spirits! 

After all that and a very busy Christmas we had better get on with 2016!