Share that personal Chocolate gift this Christmas

Posted on December 10, 2017 by Sophie Jewett

Chocolate Truffles this ChristmasThe first glimpses of my life in chocolate are always remembered at this time of year. Cold wintery Sundays like today would see me trawling through recipe books and magazines, looking for that seasonal inspiration of what I could make to give loved ones. How I could add that personal touch, making recipes that captured the family favourites and flavours that the season represents. There were a lot of disasters, I learned a lot from practicing, sometimes getting it wrong and trialling new, interesting combinations. Thankfully the learning paid off and I was able to continually refine my skills to the recipes that we have today that are now expertly crafted by our team of chocolatiers. However, nothing beats the genuine time and care that goes into crafting something for yourself. 

This week we're launching our chocolate making kits so you can craft your own chocolate truffles, bars, chocolate models and lollipops and share the gift of personal chocolate craftsmanship with your loved ones. 

I thought I would share with you our chocolate truffle recipes so you can create your own chocolates this Christmas, beautifully boxed or just set out to share and enjoy. 

Discover our Chocolate Truffle Recipe Here

If you would like to learn a bit more about chocolate making, crafting chocolate truffles, tempering chocolate and a whole range of other chocolate skills you can join us on our chocolate workshops. Our Chocolate Truffle Workshop takes place at the York Cocoa House every Wednesday at 4pm and Sunday at 1.30pm. The workshop lasts 1 hour and is a great introduction to the basic chocolate making concepts. Alternatively join our Chocolate Masterclass program with dates on Saturdays and Thursdays throughout the year covering subjects across the range of chocolate applications. Workshop places can be booked online in advance via our Chocolate Workshop pages or give the gift of a workshop voucher that can be used throughout the year. 

Discover our 2018 Workshop Program Here