Chocolate Lollipop Making - Day 6 Chocolate Advent Calendar

Behind door Number 6 in our Chocolate Advent Calendar is our Chocolate Lollipop Making

Be inspired by our chocolatiers and have a go creating your own chocolate treat to show off, share or just enjoy.

You will work with 35% Fine Milk Chocolate, then choose from a selection of toppings to create your own chocolate lollipop exactly how you want it to be. Everyone is invited to have a go at creating their own beautiful chocolates while having a chocolate treat or a drink in our Cocoa House cafe.

Join us any time between 10am and 6pm daily and have a go at creating your own chocolate lollipop, please be aware there may on occasions be a short wait for a table, we will look after you as soon as we can, there will always be chocolates for you to taste while you are waiting. 

  • Receive as an E-Voucher - usually £3.75 per person

To claim your voucher please add this item to your chocolate basket and use the special code behind today's Advent Calendar door.


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