The Chocolate City

The city of York was once known as the Chocolate City, the air would smell of chocolate and a thick chocolate dust would cover every surface as it erupted from the city’s chocolate factories. Every York family had a connection to Terry’s, Rowntree’s, Cravens or Lazenby. The factories though, were more than just a workplace, they were a way of life, a source of support, a family, providers of education, health care and accommodation. These factories and the people of York shaped an industry that took over the world from humble beginnings that started in the cobbled, medieval streets of York.

Today the chocolate industry is as dramatic and influential as ever with research developments and new innovations continually pioneered in York, but now this story is being told and shared with a new generation who grew up with chocolate readily available, the chocolate industry has taken on a new meaning to the city and is embarking on a new journey.

The York chocolate industry did not just start with big factories coming to the city, the confectionery industry evolved and grew in the city to become a product of York’s character and history, there are numerous ways that you can learn more about how York created the Chocolate industry that we love today and lots of organisations that can share their interest and story with you, discover more about York's story

The York Chocolate Mistery
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