Milk Hot Chocolate - 150g

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Our Milk Chocolate Hot Chocolate flakes are a Velvety 45% Milk Chocolate handcrafted at our Chocolate Manufactory York Cocoa Works using our cocoa beans combined together with a rich whole cream milk powder and Madagascan Bourbon Vanilla to give a rich, velvety balance. 

Your hot chocolate packet contains enough flaked chocolate to make 4 or 5 hot chocolates.

Cocoa Solids: 45%

Product Weight: 150g Packet

Ingredients with allergens underlined: Cocoa Solids (Cocoa Beans, Cocoa Butter), Sugar, Whole Milk Powder, Skimmed Milk Powder, Rapeseed Lecithin, Vanilla

Energy kj 2353.55/kcal 562.61, Total Fat 37.63g
(Of which Saturates 22.65g), Carbohydrates
49.04g (Of whic
h Sugars 43.04g), Protein 8.96g,
Salt 0.00g, Fibre 4.25g

Enjoy our Hot Chocolate in the comfort of your own home - simply warm your mug before pouring 3 large tablespoons (35g) of chocolate flakes into the bottom, meanwhile heat about 250ml of milk to a gentle boil. Pour enough hot milk over the flakes to enable them to submerge and melt in the heat. Leave for a couple of minutes before stirring into a paste. Top up with the remaining hot liquid and then find the perfect place to enjoy!

Our dark hot chocolates can be made with a whole range of different milks for a really lovely Chocolate flavour. 

For a really decadent treat why not enjoy chocolate like the Georgian's did and make your hot chocolate with hot red wine! Dr William Salmon claimed it ideal for good family physical health! 

Nutritional Information - 40% Milk Chocolate - per 100g

Energy kj 2310/kcal 552, Total Fat 35.27g (of which Saturates 21g), Carbohydrates 52.66g (of which Sugars 47.8g), Protein 8.22g, Salt 0.9g, Fibre 3.4g.

We source our cocoa from farmers and traders working around the world that we feel represent viable and sustainable models for flavour, quality, livelihoods, landscapes and communities. 

This chocolate has been crafted by our team at our Chocolate Manufactory York Cocoa Works from the finest chocolate making ingredients. 

Your product should arrive with you with a shelf life between 12 and 18 months for you to be able to enjoy.