York Cocoa Works

York was once known as the Chocolate City with companies like Terry’s of York, Rowntree, Cravens and Lazenby creating chocolates that became the iconic household names of our childhood. Nearly every York family had someone working in one of the big York companies. The cocoa would arrive on barges up the River Ouse, the smell of roasting cocoa would linger over the city like a warm welcome to York and the railways would take products with the York name to every corner of the world.
At York Cocoa House we want to ensure that this story of York is not just a thing of its past: we want to make sure it continues to be part of York’s future.
We want to build York Cocoa Works - a Chocolate Production, Chocolate Academy and Chocolate Development Centre in the heart of York. We want to bring raw cocoa into York directly from farmers and communities from around the world to create our chocolate. We want to demonstrate to visitors how our chocolate is created, from the raw cocoa ingredients to our finished chocolates, cakes and drinks that you can taste, work with, learn from and enjoy. We want to share our passion, knowledge and chocolate with those who want to learn to work with chocolate innovatively in an environment where York's chocolate makers can share their skills with a new generation, where anyone can become a chocolate maker and work with us to create their own chocolate.
We want to bring fine chocolate making back and we're inviting you to join us. 
Discover more about our plans at www.yorkcocoaworks.com
Discover more about our cocoa and chocolates with our Origin Collection currently crafted at York Cocoa House. We invite you to join us in the evaluation process and to share your feedback and be involved in helping us create our chocolate. 
Origin Collection - Sample Set
Origin Collection - Sample Set £4.00
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Meta 63 - Origin Collection
Meta 63 - Origin Collection from £0.55
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Tumaca 63 - Origin Collection
Tumaca 63 - Origin Collection from £0.55
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Auraquita 63 - Origin Collection
Auraquita 63 - Origin Collection from £0.55
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Huila 63 - Origin Collection
Huila 63 - Origin Collection from £0.55
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Huila 55 - Origin Collection
Huila 55 - Origin Collection from £0.55
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Huila 100 - Origin Collection
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Auraquita 40 Milk - Origin Collection
Auraquita 40 Milk - Origin Collection from £0.55
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