Welcome to what we hope will be the start of your chocolate tasting journey with us. From originally 2 varieties of cocoa discovered in South America we can now work with more than 33,000 variations that are today cultivated around the world. Every stage of the process from farm to our manufactory contributes an essential layer of flavour and complexity before we even touch the cocoa. As chocolate makers we examine the quality of the cocoa before deciding how to roast, blend and balance the flavours to create the final chocolate to be able to share with you. And the journey doesn't stop there, chocolate ages, matures and develops new flavours once made, releasing volatiles and absorbing new characteristics and balance. In this guide to tasting chocolate we share some of the ways we explore the flavour of our chocolate. We can examine how it's been made and, more importantly, what we like about it so we can keep making better chocolate for you to enjoy. We hope these will be useful tips to use to explore the world of flavour in the things you enjoy, but more importantly we hope you enjoy your chocolate.

Watch our tasting video guide here.

When we taste food we do so with all of our senses, not just our tongue and our tastebuds, but with our eyes, nose and even our ears as well as the multitude of nerve endings that help us feel our way around. 

Our 5 senses give us a powerful set of tools to explore the world, they tell us if something smells appetising and good to eat, or looks inviting and indulgent, or even warns us to stay away, and not to go near.