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Posted on July 22, 2017 by Sophie Jewett


York Cocoa Works

I have just seen how long it has taken us to update the website and share any of our latest news, it's mostly because we've been squirrelling away working to make our vision happen. We've had little snippets but wanted to get things in place first.

I'm really excited to share with you our plans to bring fine chocolate making back to York. We have just collected the keys this last week for our new property at 10 Castlegate where we will be creating York Cocoa Works. It will be a chocolate production, education and development centre in the heart of York, just yards from the spot where Henry Isaac Rowntree started his Cocoa, Chocolate and Chicory business in the old Tuke store.

Over the last 3 years we've been trialling recipes, ingredients and equipment and have met so many amazing chocolate lovers and experts who have helped us on our journey. Your input has helped us craft our vision and plan to create outstanding chocolate from fabulous cacao.

We have lots of work to do still, and the team need to get on site to complete the fit-out. We hope this will be starting in September ready for us to be open in January 2018, just after Christmas.

In the meantime you'll see some changes to our brand and products as we continue on this journey. I'd love your input and to involve you in the process, particularly in tasting our chocolate as we get the hang of our ingredients and equipment over the coming months and respond to the flavours of the latest cacao harvests coming from our friends in Colombia, Peru and Uganda.

I've been wanting to share this for such a long time, there's just been so much work to do, and there is still to come, but I can't wait to tell you more. You can keep updated with the project by signing up here or visit the York Cocoa Works website and discover how you can be involved by joining us at our forthcoming Discovery Events.

Before you go and discover more about our plans I'd like to just say thank you, it's been an amazing 6 years at the York Cocoa House, our plans and our vision has been entirely shaped by our community, our customers and an amazing team of chocolate lovers who have joined us. We would not be able to embark on this next phase without your feedback, support and custom, I hope you will continue to join us and be part of the next 6 years of chocolate making.

Many, many thanks


Learn more about the project at www.yorkcocoaworks.com 

York Cocoa Works